Parikalpana - Innovating Renewable Energy Design

Parikalpana Challenge is a platform where you put your technical knowledge and creative skills to use and come up with a whole new renewable energy design that has a good market potential and is sustainable in the long run.

The design could be in (but not limited to) the following areas:

Makes use of the renewable energy to replace a conventional product/system already available.

A process design that would minimize the losses and improve the efficiency and output.

Poster  presentation

A solar passive architecture design that would result in net zero energy consumption.

Rounds For Parikalpana Competition

"The winner of the competition is the team that best blends design excellence and smart energy production with innovation, market potential, and energy and water efficiency. Simply put, there's nothing else like it."

Abstract Submission

Round 1

The teams are advised to submit the abstract of their idea with 200-400 word limit.

Based on these abstracts, the selected teams would be called up for the presentation on the day of the event.

Shortlisted teams

Round 2

The selected teams are to present their idea to the audience.

Each team is advised to come prepared with a presentation and the model/prototype/s/simulation (whatever applicable) on the day of the event on their own laptops.

Last Date for Submission of Abstracts is September 21, 2017 (1200 hours)
Team members: Minimum 2, minimum 4
Registration and online payment of the participation fee is required to be done by every participant, whether in a group or as an individual (not required for TERI University students)
Time: 7 minutes for the presentation + (3-5 minutes for the questionnaire)

Coordinator: 9717965544

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