Venue: TERI University, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Symposium Date: September 22 and 23, 2017

  • Mr. Junaid Kamal Ahmad, India Country Director, South Asia, World Bank,will be the Chief Guest of REtopia 2017
  • Last date for submission of abstracts for Yukti, Dhrishtikon and Parikalpana has been extended to 21 September 2017 (1200 hours)

Theme: 21st Century Energy Renaissance through Renewables

About REtopia

REtopia is derived from the English word 'Utopia' referring to an ideal situation or state. The word REtopia extends this concept to the realm of energy. The word REtopia aims to refer to a world which empowers itself from clean energy sources & lives up to the idea of sustainable development. REtopia was started by M.Tech REEM students from Department of Energy and Environment at TERI University in the year 2011 as an annual technical conclave.

The motive behind the fest is to bring together people from academics, industry and government to emphasize the need of clean technology on techno-commercial and environmental aspects. Renewable energy sources play a vital role in providing energy services in a sustainable manner and, in particular, in mitigating climate change. REtopia is one of the prestigious fest of the university portraying successfully a variety of RE opportunities, shortcomings and remedies, motivated by a number of factors, to address these components of RE integration into the energy system.

It provides a platform for the congregation of experts from all the various prospects, students and aspirants of RE, developers and researchers, industrialists, stake holders, policy makers and academicians.

About TERI University

TERI University aspires to contribute globally by serving society as a seat of advanced learning and to promote learning through teaching and through creating and sharing knowledge. The University commits itself to academic excellence and an environment which would encourage personal and intellectual growth. It provides world-class facilities and resources to its students and faculty so as to usher in innovative and multidisciplinary research.

The TERI University provides world-class facilities and resources to its students and faculty so as to usher in innovative and multidisciplinary research.

M.TECH Renewable Energy Engineering and Management (REEM)

The TERI University offers, first of its kind, multidisciplinary, postgraduate programme in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management to fulfil the increasing demand for trained professionals in the field of renewable energy and energy management. The University, incorporating the sustainable development concepts into the REEM curriculum, provides a unique programme integrating technology, leadership and sustainable development concepts, and helps develop techno-economically sound as well as environmentally conscious students with state-of-the art competencies in design and implementation/deployment of RE technologies. The programme brings in faculty with rich and up-to-date experience in research, development, implementation and policy formulation domains related with energy and renewables in particular.

M.Tech (REEM) programme prepares the students in theoretical as well as practical aspects of renewable energy technologies, energy conservation, and management. This multi-disciplinary integrated programme train the students not only in renewable energy technologies and its implementation but also in equally important areas of energy infrastructure, rational use of energy, energy policies and regulations, and energy-environment interface etc. The programme exhibits its uniqueness fostering the much sought-after leadership skills through the management energy courses. Thus, the programme enables the students to tackle practical problems of design, development, deployment in the industry, and to pursue academics as well as frontiers of research.

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